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   Tote-A-Shed Custom Options

If there are options you are interested in and do not see here please let us know and we can see what we can do for you.

If you have a custom need that needs a custom building Tote-A-Shed is the company for you.
These are a few examples of some of the custom buildings that Tote-A-Shed has made.

We have built custom buildings for Schools, US Postal Service, Energy companies, Oil companies, Ranches, Boarding Facilities, The National Western Stock Show, Upholstery company, Storage companies, Hunting Guide Companies, Airports, Shooting Ranges, County Fair Grounds, Apartment Complexes, and many more.

See our image gallery below and a list of additional custom options we have created at the bottom of this page.

Also please take a look at our Color Chart here.

Standard Garage Door
Stall Front with Feeder
Center Wall Divider
Complete Floor
Tack Room
Panel Hangers Movable
Bridle Rack
Half Wall with Safety Bars
T-A-S Gate
Moveable Bridle Hook
Moveable Blanket Rack
Saddle Rack (3 Racks)
Cupola w/ or w/o Weather Vein
Stall Mat
Wind Enclosure
Dutch Door
Canister Door
Double Door
Back Sliding Door

Additional Custom Options:

  • Small Animal Openings
  • Electrical


Featured Product:

Metal Roofing
& Siding

Price: Inquire
Price Good Until: Call

Tote-A-Shed proudly accepts the following methods of payment:

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