Frequently Asked Questions
  Tote-A-Shed Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is the Frame made out of?
Answer: 2”x2”, 2"x3" square tubing, the skid is 2”x3”, 3"x4", 4"x4" square tubing

Question: What is the wind & snow load on the buildings?
Answer: The buildings are built for your county requirements however, the standard building is built with the wind load as engineered for 90 mph when anchored and the snow load is 30lbs/sq ft.

Question: What colors do I have to choose from?
Answer: There are 18 different colors to choose from.

Question: Can I chose more then one color for the building and does it cost any more for more then one color?
Answer: You can have up to 3 different colors with out any additional charge

Question: Can I have it made in different sizes?
Answer: Our buildings can be built in the sizes you need.

Question: How is the building anchored?

Answer: They are anchored on all 4 sides with our engineered anchors.

Question: How is the building delivered?
Answer: Buildings are delivered on a 40’ flat bed trailer.

Question: What do the kits consist of?
Answer: Our kit buildings come with everything except the wood for the kick wall.

Question: What gauge steel do you use?

Answer: The 2”x2”and 2”x3” is 16 and 14 gauge, the skid is 11 gauge and the sheets are 29 gauge.

Question: Does the building come with the kick wall?

Answer: Our constructed buildings come standard with a 4’ OSB kick wall.

Question: What is the kick wall made out of?

Answer: It is made of 7/16 OSB Board.

Question: Can you put anything over the wood to keep a horse from chewing it?
Answer: One of our custom options is having a galvanize kick wall edging put on.

Question: Is delivery fee included in the price?
Answer: The price does not include delivery, Delivery prices depends on where it is being delivered.

Question: How much room do you need to deliver a building?
Answer: We need at least 14’ if we are going straight through, 16’ if we need to come in at an angle.

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